Mission Statement

We take great pleasure in introducing Forbsil International Ltd as a diverse company. It was established 5 year ago and caters mainly on food processing in the food & beverage industry, water bottling and investment opportunities.

Our company is one of the main manufacturing plants of bio-products in eastern and central Africa and has experience in all natural food stuffs for good human consumption. At the same time we engage in highly lucrative investment opportunities.

Forbsil International Ltd comprises a team of young, dynamic, creative and dedicated individuals with the aim of working diligently to deliver exceptional hygienic healthy bio-products to meet the desired needs of our clientele.


To establish ourselves into one of the best, unique and creative healthy bio-products company with a bright future.  Also offering investment opportunities that change people’s lives for the better.


 To offer all our clients exceptional, timely, innovative and healthy bio-products that enhance their wellbeing and give them a financial stability in the world market.


To abide to all the professional business ethics and maintain loyalty and integrity within our scope of businesses.